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Inn Echo

Three musicians from different metaphorical worlds, converged in Prince Edward Island of all places. It was perfect timing, as they started to create a sound and a journey in music none of them expected. They'd come for the tunes and stayed for the longest session yet. Inn Echo was formed in 2019.

What genre of music is this? The colloquial term “trad” or traditional can refer to a sound descended from Ireland, Scotland, and parts of Europe, fused with the enthusiasm of today’s generation of players. Inn Echo pays homage to these roots and adds tunes of their own to the repertoire. So on first listen you can hear the history but you will immediately delight in a contemporary current.

For Inn Echo, a lilting fiddle is the voice, with its own accent and expression. Though you won’t hear words being sung, there is a story to every tune, a narrative woven into each melody, and a heart beating beneath it all. All the while a strong and nimble percussive acoustic guitar attack is a foundation on which the fiddles climb. You will hear blues, pop, dub in the music, artfully woven by the fiddles who are master chameleons after all. There’s no denying the Celtic roots within, but this is definitely something new. It starts with a story, and ends with an impulse to stomp, clap, and move along.

Tuli (BC) Karson (ON) and Tom (USA) were music students far from home and perhaps it was the building of new spaces which sparked a gravitational pull to bind it all together. From fiddle to cello, guitar to fiddle the three started closely weaving what is now their distinct symphony of living tradition. Releasing HEMISPHERES September 2023 was the next frontier for the band with producers Jake Charron and Donnie Richard at the helm.

Inn Echo composes the majority of the repertoire amongst the three of them, but the sets are anointed with some very special composers subtly embedded for maximum drive. And drive they have, not to mention flown, boated and trained around several continents in the last two years. From the iconic Woodford Folk Festival in Australia to the Hebridean Celtic Festival in Scotland, The Calgary and Canmore Folk Festivals or the hometown PEI Festival of Small Halls, Inn Echo have a reputation as tradition keepers and tune makers that will take you to dawn. This is the new traditional sound of Canada. These are the new players. Watch the sun come up with Inn Echo. You’ll dance like the world depends on it.

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