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Dead Tired

Does anyone actually read these?

Aaaaaanyways. Dead Tired.

Their musical backgrounds vary and their influences are both obvious and absurd. Politically, some of them lean far left, some in the middle, and the rest fall between those two ideals. Needless to say it still sparks all kinds of debate in their jamspace, often fueled by many cases of free beer and easy access to the devil’s lettuce (or occasional dabbling in psychedelics).

It can be difficult trying to explain what they sound like. Music is so subjective unless you’re Elvis. When you are your own genre (like Elvis) you sound like yourself. When you’re a punk band of crotchety 30 somethings, you’ll only end up sounding like whatever the listener has already been exposed to. It could be Nirvana, Gorilla Biscuits, even Devo. Who knows?

Dead Tired aren’t reinventing the wheel, they’re just trying to rip a bit before they RIP for good.  

Franz, Sparks, ‘Stone, George, and Nick.

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